Our Vision

A Hawai’i where families are strong, all human life is valued, and religious liberty flourishes.

Our Mission

To advance biblical citizenship, equip and elect statesmen, promote effective public policy and serve Hawaii’s faith-based community.


We support religious liberty and the Biblical worldview. This worldview was espoused by our Founding Fathers and by Queen Ka ‘ahumanu, Princesss Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Queen Lili’uokalani, Henry Opukahai‘ia and other like-minded Native Hawaiian Ali‘i and leaders.


We advocate for the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, marriage between one man and one woman, and traditional family values.


We will champion religious liberty and the God-given inalienable rights recognized by the Founders of our nation and expressed in the United States Constitution.


HFA supports protection of the every person from conception to natural death. We oppose abortion and assisted suicide (sometimes called physician assisted suicide or death with dignity).
HFA supports traditional marriage, meaning the lifelong commitment of one man and one woman.

HFA supports religious liberty to enable the church to serve its mission in society without undue governmental restrictions and regulation. Because of that, HFA supports protecting churches from liability for exercising the religious freedom guaranteed by our constitutions.
HFA believes that the first and foremost educator of our keiki is our parents. We fully support parental rights and will fight to protect them.


Jim Hochberg, Esq.
Jim Hochberg, Esq.

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Do you have a desire to get involved in Hawaii politics? The important work of HFA is accomplished through the commitment and efforts of concerned citizens who have a desire to uphold the quality of life in our community.